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Banc De Binary - mini logoBanc De Binary is well known for being one of the best and more secure platforms for trading binary options out there right now.

Creating an account, logging in and using the platform is simple and easy.  Traders only need to give their information so they can start the registration process.  Before a deposit is made, some data needs to be verified and an activation email will also be received.  It is then possible to pick if traders want to use a wire transfer to make their deposit or a credit card. These documents are also needed for the withdrawal procedure. It is also required that traders present an official government identification, which has a picture of them, as well as a personal bill that proves current residence, with name and address, as well as a copy of the credit card that is being used.

Banc De Binary also offer a package for the VIP account holders, who want to earn more and invest more.  This package really includes some incredible stuff! The package includes a 100% bonus for signing up, it also offers account management services and superior broker opportunities.  The only requirement for being part of this VIP club is to make a deposit of at least $50,000 and this will also give you access to special e-books and video tutorials.

Banc De Binary Affiliate Program

Banc De Binary Brief InfoIf you are looking for an opportunity that has great offers, the Banc De Binary has one of the top binary options affiliate programs out there. They offer different commission plans to their affiliate members, which vary depending on profits and time. This means that for every 1 to 10 traders that are recommended, an affiliate can earn $350 CPA.

CPA will be higher if you have a lot of leads that end up converting into sales.  This is certainly higher than what other affiliate programs offer. This affiliate program also guarantees a payment every 15th. This is one of the things that we really like about this program and because the platform has so many options, it is simple to make some conversions.

You will turn into an “inactive client” if you do not make the minimum four trades, which is why it is important to read the terms and conditions before applying or making any payments. Their marketing ads and other options are well planned and help to make sales. This is why traders can easily contact you and become part of the program, letting you earn some cash for referring them.  This is also why this is one of the best affiliate programs in the binary options industry today.

The brokers that use Banc De Binary are experts in the financial industry and they know about trading many assets. These brokers provide assistance to traders and help with ideas for finding new referrals and leads. If you want to become a Banc De Binary affiliate, you will surely have no problems as it is very simple. It only takes a few minutes and you will be ready to get started.  This is certainly an opportunity that you do not want to miss if you are looking for an affiliate program to join.
Banc De Binary - Easy and Safe Transactions

SEC Going After Banc De Binary Execs

Banc De Binary announced back in 2013 that they were now part of CySec.  This means that they are now following the CTFC terms, according to US regulations, but after some time, they changed that declaration, as there were some problems with BDB.

This meant that the CFTC had to change some of their violations too. This took place when the broker began offering the options for commodities that are services that only some traders can access. It is also now important for the broker to make some confirmations and solicitations in order to get some traders from the US trading.

Because the CFTC made some claims about how the website operated and how some binary options or trades were acting and taking place, the platform had to be changed back in March of 2013, so that it can offer services to US traders and to people from other parts of the world too.

CySEC Greek LogoIt is stated that US traders cannot invest in assets such as oil, wheat, coffee, corn and other similar stocks from the European stock market and the European binary options market.  David Meister, who is one of the directors at the CFTC stated that these bans are meant to help traders stay protected and to increase security on all platforms.  Meister also stated that the CFTC is meant to help traders and all US  clients to have a good experience trading online.  The officials from the BDB also made some claims about all of the regulations by the CFTC and accepted them.  This is why the case was closed and resolved.

Banc De Binary USA

As we stated in the case above, Banc de Binary announced back on January 25, 2013, that they were not going to accept traders from the US any longer, but that they would still accept traders from other parts of the world. The exchanges required them to make some new regulations and these US clients had to accept these.

At the moment, Banc De Binary is not offering their services to traders from the US and this will not happen until the United States changes some of its regulations and accepts trading like some Europeans do. Banc de Binary is one of the top binary options brokers available today and this is why they must offer the best options to their clients and make their platform safe. Traders from the United States need to find other brokers to trade at. The BBC home page has some brokers that accept traders from the United States.

Banc De Binary - Easy and Safe Transactions

Banc De Binary Free Demo Trading Account

Banc De Binary has a popularity of being one of the best Binary Options platforms available today. The demo account is offered so that traders can understand how everything works and start trading with fictitious money, before making a real money deposit.

Traders will be offered a demo account, after logging in properly. There are no risks with this demo account and traders do not need to worry about them at all since the money that will be traded is only demo account funds.  This gives traders the chance to learn more about the platform and options as we mentioned before.

Using a demo account, at first, is a great option for new traders because it provides training and helps traders to make rational choices without taking real money risks. This is still a complex investment platform, but it will be certainly easier to understand.

Practicing at the demo account will help traders in the long term. It is obvious that traders want to trade more than once and to earn an income over time.

Banc de Binary Practice Account

Training is of great importance for new traders and this demo trading account gives the experience that any trader needs before actually getting started.

Luck is not of importance most of the time and this is why training is important when trading online.  Skills are acquired by training and it is obvious that the best traders are successful because they follow some strategies and investment patterns.

When trading, looking at some call options at the right moment, can guarantee an income success.  If you can make some income rates that really make you feel good, you should be very satisfied.  Demo trading account is one the best options for learning about binary Options trading with Banc de Binary.

This is why it is a good idea to register with Banc de Binary.  It is one of the best brokers out there, even though it does not currently accept traders from the US. It offers a great opportunity for traders to learn about this industry and to improve their skills. If you still have questions in mind, then please kindly read our comprehensive Banc De Binary review here.

Banc De Binary - Easy and Safe Transactions

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