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Banc De Binary - mini logoIn this review, you will find some of the top Banc De Binary promotions.  You should really take advantage of these promotions.  Binary Brokers Club  is partnered up with some of the best binary options brands out there and we make sure that everyone that reads our reviews, gets to hear about the promotions at Banc de Binary.  There are times when these promotions giveaway electronics, there are other times where you can win a trip to a tropical beach and there are other promotions that make all of your wishes become a reality.

Banc De Binary: Christmas Wish List

Banc De Binary PromotionsEvery Christmas, Banc de Binary surprises its members with some amazing promotions and they always give every trader the opportunity to earn some great Christmas gifts.

This year, Banc de Binary created a special deal, where all traders could ask for something they wanted, by writing a “Christmas Wish List“.  Traders have the opportunity to pick five different gifts and they can sign up for this promotion, where a computer will automatically select three lucky winners.

This means that three lucky members will get the presents that they added in their wish list and they will be delivered to their front doors.

Traders only have to visit the platform, sign up, start trading through the platform and add their Christmas wish list, in order to be able to be part of this fantastic deal.

This promotion will only last for a certain amount of time.

Banc de Binary: Summer 2016 Promotion

Banc De Binary Summer 2016 PromotionOur website has another fantastic promotion by Banc de Binary.  Promotions by Banc de Binary has been announced here in the past and some good examples are the Banc de Binary Christmas Giveaway and the iPad promotion, by Banc de Binary.  But today, we want to tell you about an even better promotion that is available at Banc de Binary.  This promotion involves the biggest company in binary options right now and it has already signed up more than 200k traders. This is why the promotion that Banc de Binary is offering, will be unforgettable.  We are already glad to promote this platform on our website and this is why we always enjoy telling our readers about the promotions at Banc de Binary.  The promotion involves a magnificent trip to a private island and this is certainly a prize that many people would love.

Banc de Binary Promotion: The Island

Banc de Binary (read our review here) was founded by Oren Laurent and he was the one who discovered this island for traders too. He spends a holiday diving on the island and he felt that he had to let others know about this island too.  This is why the new promotion that Banc de Binary has is about this island.  Traders who are part of this binary options platform, can have the opportunity to win this trip and spend a few nice days enjoying activities on a beautiful island.  “Mnemba” is the name of this island and it is a triangular shaped island, which is known for its diving points and that is visited by many beautiful animals every year, such as dolphins and turtles.

Banc De Binary Welcome Bonus

Because Banc de Binary knows that its traders will love this island, it is also preparing other promotions and it will send a few traders together, so that no one goes by themselves.  This means that the trip will allow the winner to take three friends or family members with them.  If you want to know if this can be used as a romantic date, you need not worry about it, as this trip will create some great memories.

Banc de Binary Promotions: Other Prizes

Banc De Binary Other PrizesBanc de Binary is regulated y the CySEC and this is why it has been able to grow a business and become one of the top binary options platforms out there. This is also why they can give traders the opportunity to earn some great gifts and prizes.  An Apple Macbook is the second prize available right, which is certainly a great prize, as it is a great computer, with retina display and one port.

Banc De Binary Third PrizeThe third prize is a GoPro Camera, which is one of the best cameras in the sports industry.  This camera can take video and photos underwater and it is also resistant to dust.  It is capable of recording 4K videos and if you have ever travelled, you will know how important it is to have a good camera with you.  It is a perfect gadget for going on a trip and for the holidays.  This is why we think that Banc de Binary has some great promotions this year.  All of the prizes are amazing and they can really be worth a lot.

Winning these prizes is also fun, as the competition is entertaining for some.  The prizes will be awarded to the traders that are the most successful in the platform.  This means that traders who have the highest number of trades that have resulted in positive results will have the opportunity to earn some of these prizes.  Traders only need to log in, deposit the minimum amount to open a real trading account and start making some trades and make some successful one, in order to be able to be part of this promotion.  Traders must trade at least $30 per trade so that they can be counted as part of the competition.  The progress can be looked at the leaderboard in the website provided by Banc de Binary.  The terms and conditions will also be listed there and will be applied.

Start trading with Banc de Binary today and get a chance to win a trip to a private island.

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