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Binary Brokers Accepting PayPalPayPal is now used by many people around the world and it is one of the top electronic wallets out there right now.  The eBay Group has taken over PayPal and it is used by so many people because it is a safe way to receive and send money.  It has rapidly gained the trust and popularity over the years and this is why some binary option brokers are also adding it as a payment method.

This is also why people want to use binary brokers that accept PayPal as a payment method and it does have a lot of advantages.  Some of the things that these brokers offer are signup bonuses, customer service that is available at all times, different assets to trade in and lots of features.

#1 Finpari – $250 Deposit Bonus

The number one broker that accepts PayPal is Finpari. It accepts traders from the US and other parts of the world too.  Finipari is currently offering a $250 bonus after depositing, which will last for a certain period of time.  When signing up with Finpari, new traders must use code “CRTONL” to get this bonus.

  • $250 bonus after depositing and 90% payout.
  • In order to make a deposit via PayPal, you must deposit at least $250.
  • You can withdraw your funds in one hour.

The problem for traders right now is that more brokers are dropping PayPal as one of their payment options and this is certainly not something that many wants.  We are not certain why other brokers do not have this service, but it is believed that has to do something to do with payment speeds and refunds.  There are some brokers that are very slow and that take long to send money.  This is caused because they want you to think twice about withdrawing your funds, so you reinvest them in their website.

PayPay has real fast payments and this is of huge importance to traders.  It is important to get money fast and this is certainly important to every trader.  Most binary options brokers accept credit and debit cards, as well as wire transfers and some electronic wallets, but few accept PayPal.    Since there are only some of these brokers available, it would be smart to try them out and start using them today.

All Binary Brokers That Accept PayPal

Finpari – This is a broker that is accepting US traders and that still accepts PayPal.  It offers some very fast withdrawals and it has some great signals for binary options.  There is a 250 minimum deposit limit and it also has a bonus for deposit.  The code “CRTONL” must be used to take advantage of the bonus.

TradeThunder – This is another US accepting broker that accepts PayPal depositing.  Their minimum deposit is $10 and it also has a lot of nice features.

Bloombex – This is another broker that accepts PayPal for deposits and withdrawals.  It accepts traders from all of the world except the US. and it has an 85% payout and a $300 minimum deposit limit.

Top Binary Brokers That Do Not Accept PayPal

If you do not use PayPal, we recommend that you use Skrill Moneybookers or your Debit and Credit Cards, as the following traders accept those methods and are some of the best brokers that do not accept PayPal.

24Option – This is the top binary options broker that is not based in the US and that has high-quality service.  Traders from all over the world can join 24option, except for traders from the US and Canada.  24Option is one of the brokers that has a lot of different payment methods available and some of these are bank transfers, credit cards, Skrill and electronic wallets.

Brokers That Are No Longer Accepting PayPal

GOptions – This reputed based broker is no longer accepting PayPal and it stopped doing so in 2014.  They do have other withdrawal methods available and they do not accept traders from the US as well.

Credit Cards Versus PayPal

There are obvious differences in the speeds between these payment methods, but these are not very different, though.

PayPal does not require traders to give out as much information as credit cards do and this is one of the advantages.  You only have to sign in to PayPal and click the deposit button to start the deposit.

PayPal accounts may have some limits though and there are times that credit cards will be able to make larger transactions than PayPal.

Bank Wire Transfer Versus PayPal

The most obvious advantage between these is speed. PayPal lets you deposit or withdrawal almost instantly while bank transfers may take between three to seven days. Withdrawing to a bank account takes a lot longer and this is a downside.  Bank transfers also have processing fees of $30 to $50 and PayPal does not have these, which is much better.

Bank transfers have no limits and this is their advantage over PayPal.

How PayPal Works

PayPal Alternatives

Credit Cards – The best alternative to PayPal is credit cards.  Most people have one and they are easy to use.  They are cheap and take very little time.  PayPal accounts are not necessary if you have a credit card.

Skrill/Moneybookers – This is one of the other alternatives to PayPal.  It is very popular with sites like sportsbooks, poker sites and gambling.   It is an electronic wallet and it is very similar to PayPal, as you can send and receive money and it also offers a safe and secure platform.  It has low fees and it protects personal information.


There are not many binary brokers that accept PayPal as a payment method right now.  This is why we strongly suggest that you use some of the recommended brokers or one of the brokers that offers other payment methods. This will make your binary options experience better and it will also help to secure your data.  These also offer great opportunities, promotions, services and bonuses to take advantage of.  So make your choice wisely.

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