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In this review, our expert trader “Bob Griffin will tell you more about identifying Binary Option Robot scam issues and avoiding them. You will also find some useful instructions, which will help you to earn more profits, thanks to some of the software that trades automatically and that it is already considered the best. If this is what you want to accomplish, you should keep on reading, as there is lots of information here for you.

  • If you want to earn some profits with binary options robots
  • If you are interested in investing but are not ready to read a lot or study a lot
  • If innovative technology interests you
  • If you want to earn some profits from trading binary options
  • If you want to identify trading scams as fast as possible

The Best Scam-Free Robot

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Best Scam-Free Robot

Binary Option Robot Scam Investigation

Hi, I am Bob Griffin. I have been trading stock for more than 20 years now. I have been involved in many positive and negative economic situations, both personally and professionally. Most of the negative situations that I have experienced have been caused by inexperience or by not acting on time. There are times when bad luck is also a factor. The sad part about this is that these problems can actually be avoided.

In this article, I will tell you more about this and how useful a binary options robot is. The main goal of these robots is to make the investor earn sustainable profits. I will also recommend you some of the tools and robots that I use. This is important if you want to get involved with binary options robots and automatic trading software.

Why Trade with Binary Options Robots?

Today, there are different automatic binary options robot to choose from, but even though most of them do work and are reliable, there are also some that are not and that they are only meant to scam the traders that use them.

If you are not very experienced with binary options robots, I would like to recommend reading our main page first, since you will find information about how traders can take advantage of this software and how some are using them. Robots are capable of trading at faster rates than humans and this is why they can earn profits. If you are going to be trading binary options, it is important to remember that binary option robots are useful at any time. These computer programs will always act faster and with good results.

It is very important, however, to choose the right robot for you and this means picking the one that will earn some profits on your investments. I will also tell you more about some of the most common scam signals, so that you can identify them immediately, in case the robot that you have picked is not real or professional.

How To Identify a Scam Robot

  • Bad website design – This is the first signal that comes to mind. Most scammers will not take the time or invest the money in creating a professional looking website. Scammers are only looking for a fast way to make some cash and when they find an opportunity they want to take advantage of it right away.  There are also some scammers who use photos of celebrities and other images on their sites, to increase popularity.  Some of these websites really look like they were made by amateurs and it is easy to see why they are not very professional or trustworthy. 
  • Features about the robot are not mentioned – If there is no visible data or information about what the robot can do and what its features are, it is possible that it has no features at all or that they are very bad. This may also mean that the specific robot will only help you to lose money on your investments.  The binary options robots that are reliable have plenty of features and useful functions, which make them desirable and useful to traders. 
  • No history of past trading – If it is hard to find any data or information about trade history, you should be really concerned. If the robot has not been able to help other traders to earn some profits, why would it help you? This simply does not make any sense at all.  There are several robots out there, which promise traders excellent results, but there is no information about past history and who they have helped to earn some income.  The binary options robots that are legit, just like a real robot, always have their trading history available and it is live on their site. 
  • Exaggerated profit claims and opportunities – If a robot software is promising that you will earn some very high profits every single day, it is possible that it is a scam. There is no binary options robot that can guarantee such results until today and I do not think that this will happen in the future either.  It is good to expect to earn a few thousand dollars every month, with some of the best binary option robots out there.  Although there are times that these results never happen.  You also need some experience as a trader and you will need to be very patient.  There is always a risk of losing your investment and you should be able to manually control your robot at any time.  This means that you can reduce risk and avoid scams. 
  • No customer support or contact information – Scammers will not want to help out their customers and they will surely not bother to add their contact information to their website. Some will add some contact data, but it will almost always be a fake contact information.  If you do find some way to contact the administrators and they do provide some customer support, it is very likely that the robot is not a scam and that you can trust it. 
  • The Robot Costs a lot of money – As said before, there are now plenty of binary options robots to choose from today. There is really no reason why you should pay a lot of money for one of these robots as there are now many trustworthy ones that are not worth much.  My personal favorite is Real Robot, as it is available for free right now. This binary option robot really does work and there is no reason why you should pay for any. 
  • The Robot has not been in the market for a very long time – While this may not always mean that the robot is a scam, it is a sign that you should investigate more. Scammers do not last very long in the market and this is why software that has been around for many years, is usually a lot better and trustworthy too.  Scammers get bad publicity right away and this is a sure way for others to find out about these false software programs that are available in the market. 
  • Not many assets available for trading – Most scam robots will not have many assets to trade and most will only have one. This does not provide a good trading experience and this means there are no opportunities to earn some profits.  While there are some exceptions to this, as traders recommend to concentrate on only one or two assets, most professional traders use more than one asset to make some important earnings.

Throughout the years, I have now used many binary options robots and there is really only one that I have found to be completely legit and free from the above-mentioned scam signals. This binary options robot is named “Binary Option Robot“. I will now mention some of the most important features and characteristics of this robot and why it is better than the rest. And you will also have the answer of the “Is Binary Option Robot a Scam?”

Recommended Binary Option Robot – The Real Robot

There is no doubt about “Binary Option Robot – The Real Robot” being the best binary options robot software available today.  It is really a lot more sophisticated than its competitors and it really seems unreal. The Real Robot is fully automated and this means that after you have installed it, you will not have to do anything at all. You can read more on this incredible auto-trading robot software.

It is important to remember, however, that if you want better results, you should tune up your robot every week or so. There is no doubt about the time that a robot can save while trading and how convenient it can be. There are also stories about some  users who have managed to successfully set up the robot from the first time that they use it and even made some considerable earning right away. This does not happen all of the time, so you must remember that.

Security and Awards

128-bit encryption is used by The Real Robot and this means that it is very secure for trading. This robot works with both Mac and Windows computers. It can also be used with a smartphone or tablet and it is also very quick. The Real Robot has already received several awards and one of the most popular ones is “The Best Auto Trading Software Award”, which it won two years in a row: 2014 and 2015.

Binary Trading Signals

Binary Trading Signals

Exploding signals are what this robot does best. Most trading signals are linked to some type of currency trading.  There are also other options for some assets and other selections. There is no doubt about the Forex market being the largest market in the world and this is why it is also the best option for this robot. 

Professional binary option traders generate the signals. This means that whenever there is a good opportunity to earn some money, the robot identifies it and rapidly makes the investment for the trader. 

If the robot is capable of making a lot of trades at one time and in a short period of time, the robot can use more opportunities to earn some profits. This is really impossible for any person out there.

Since the robot is capable of getting involved in several large trades at the same time, it can also use opportunities like no other person and although the main goal should not be to make a profit with every trade, but to make a profit in a certain period of time.

The rate for signals is really good. During my trial, I had an 80% accuracy rate and this is really enough to make a good profit.

The Reality of Why This Robot is Better Than The Rest

The features that you will read about below will tell you why this robot is better than the other auto traders out there.

  • Algorithms that have been preprogrammed – Thanks to its algorithms, this robot can identify trading opportunities and act very fast.
  • 100% Automatic Trading – This robot is capable of fully trading on its own and identifying signals on time.
  • Lots of different brokers and features to choose from – The robot allows traders to choose from a large selection of brokers and features, according to their preferences and profit goals.
  • Lots of trading assets to choose from – There are some binary option robots that only have one asset to trade in. This robot gives traders access to many profitable assets and this is a great feature.  It accepts currencies and it allows commodities and indices assets too. 
  • Compatible with mobile devices and available on the web – It is not necessary to install or download anything to your computer. It is possible to use the robot from any place.
  • It is legal to use in every country – There is no law in the world, which prohibits people from using binary options robots. This means that it is legal in every country. 
  • There is no cost! It is free – This is probably the best feature of all. The developers of this software have made it available for free.  This may not last forever and this is why I recommend that you get yours today.  This will enable you to use it for free.

Stop Reverse Trading and Losses

If you want to use this robot, but do not want to risk much, there are two options which help to reduce losses and reverse trades.  With stop loss, it is possible to stop a trade at any time and thus reduce the further losses.

At first, it is strongly recommended to use a stop loss feature, as you will start to learn about trading and how the robot works. The stop loss rate is set to $10 per day by default.  The robot does not make any profits with the trades and there might be some consecutive losses sometimes.

Reverse trading is made for those traders who believe that the robot follows false signals.  Reverse trading will invest in the opposite signal. This is certainly not a feature that I recommend for beginner traders and it is something that needs to be done with caution.

Other Features

The Real Robot is completely automatic. It is not necessary to install any software on your computer, as it works on the web. It is easy to look at results and to change settings at any moment and it also works with mobile devices. Once you have set up the robot for the first time, earning reasonable amount of profits is easier and quick. It is not necessary to be an expert trader to use this software.


Binary Option Robot allows traders to pick among different brokers. It is not necessary to do a search for brokers, as the real robot already recommends the premium brokers. It is possible to pick from some of the best binary options brokers in the world.

I strongly recommend using the robot on more than one of these, as they all have different styles and features. There are some brokers that will be better for risky traders and other for more secure traders.

Binary Option Robot - Brokers

VIP Account Setup

Risk levels can easily be adjusted to a VIP account. This allows traders to select risk signals that are smallest, but this means that earnings will be smaller too. It is also possible to choose riskier signals. This means that traders can earn more profits at a greater risk. Stop loss feature can be used in combination with this, to reduce risk as well. There are also other computer programs that can help to reduce risks. The VIP cannot be bought at this moment, but it is possible to get it for free for one month only if you create an account using one of the links provided. Once you have created an account successfully, you will need to send an email to and type LP2015 VIP ACCESS in the subject line.  You will then get a VIP account for one month.

My Personal Experience With This Robot

I really liked that it is not necessary to be online to use this robot and that nothing has to be installed on my computer either. It is very easy to change settings and this can be changed at any time. It is not very hard to get some positive results, even if you do not know much about trading.

I have now been using this robot full time and it is still working perfectly.  It has helped me to have less work and I can now use this free time to work on other things and thus get more profits.

Overall Rating

I can easily say that The Real Robot is the best binary options robot out there. I am an experienced investor and I really like how this robot works.  It has the same features as other expensive robots and it is very reliable. It is really incredible that it is available at no cost. I really recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity today, as it will probably not last forever and you can get The Real Robot by clicking the button below.

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