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Dollar RobotMore and more online users are joining the binary trading movement as it is unique opportunity to gain profit even with smaller investment amounts. Auto trading is great opportunity to enjoy binary trading even more, as it helps traders to place their investments without prior analysis, and Binary Options Robot (BOSR) is the best auto trading software on the market. This Binary Options Robot review will help traders get familiar with this amazing service for auto trading.

Binary Options Robot is unique and innovative 100% auto trading software that places trades for the trader, whenever the user wants to or is online. BOSR is completely free of charge which makes it great for beginners who don’t have sufficient funds for expensive signal services.

It is important to note how Binary Options Robot review showed that this is very user-friendly and traders can start with placing their trades as soon as they register. This is because Binary Options Robot doesn’t require any downloads because it is run from the server. The trader only has to be online, and there is no need to install complicated plug-ins or additional software in order to trade with Binary Options Robot.

Binary Options Robot is technologically advanced and generates signals thanks to the sophisticated algorithms, after taking all market conditions into concern. This makes it the perfect choice for beginners, who are not sure how to do the technical and fundamental analysis properly, but also for experienced traders who simply don’t have time for dealing with extensive data. Binary Options Robot will simply place trades for the trader, according to the selected preferences.

Binary Options Robot - Auto Trading Software

Binary Options Robot Assets and Features

Of course, Binary Options Robot takes great pride in offering everything needed for successful trading. Traders can select among many interesting and popular trading assets such as currency pairs, copper, silver, crude oil, etc. Such great portfolio allows traders to manage their portfolio any way they like, without limitations, as they can easily turn off or on certain assets.

Binary Options Robot FeaturesThere are also some useful features integrated on Binary Options Robot. These features help traders to personalise their trading accounts for optimal results.

For example, Daily Stop Loss helps traders with their money management. Traders can easily set the amount they are willing to risk in a single day. This way, there are no unpleasant surprises, and traders can make their decision on a daily basis, depending on their funds available.

There is also Max. Daily Trades, another interesting feature that all traders will find useful. Users can simply set the number of daily trades they are willing to trade. One of the best thing about Binary Options Robot is that the user is always in charge of their own money thanks to all special settings, customization possibilities, and additional features.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Binary Options Robot review stated that this auto trading software thinks highly of all customers, so traders can enjoy amazing VIP account. VIP account allows traders to customise their trades even further as there are also some additional features. Users can get one-month VIP after first deposit, or more months after several deposits are made.

Best Binary Auto Trading RobotWith Binary Options Robot VIP account, traders can set their risk levels. It is possible to choose among four risk levels, that differentiate in frequency the trades will be made. Green level means that trades will be placed less frequently, while red level means that they will be placed more often. These risk levels can also help traders manage their portfolio, and their money, as lower risk usually means more certain profit, but riskier levels are ideal for traders who want higher and faster profits.

VIP account also offers traders four interesting strategies to choose from. Binary Options Robot users with VIP account must always have at least one strategy turned on, but they can combine several strategies as well. Combining more strategies at the same time generates more signals, but also more traders suitable for the trader. Signals are generated by an advanced algorithm that does the thorough market analysis.

Binary Options Robot Brokers

In order to trade binary options, every trader must have a trustworthy and reliable broker, and Binary Options Robot offers users only the best on the market. In order to use Binary Options Robot, traders must select at least one broker, but they can also trade with more of them at the same time. This makes trading more fun and diverse, as they can combine different assets by different brokers and manage their funds more successfully.

Some of the brokers available on Binary Options Robot are:

  • Banc De Binary
  • Opteck
  • BinaryTilt

All brokers available on Binary Options Robot are market leaders and provide superb service. Combine with Binary Options Robot they will improve user-experience even more. It is always important to trade only with safe and reliable brokers, so BOSR is doing everything in order to help traders with the decision-making process, as it offers top-notch brokers only.


Binary Options Robot is superb product and service that will help many traders experience binary options like never before. It is easy to use, and provides many customizations possibilities, so each and every user can create trading environment accustomed to their needs.

Binary Options Robot Registration Steps

Binary Options Robot review proved that this the best auto trading solution on the market as it is not only 100% automated, but also safe, reliable, and trustworthy as it offers only the best brokers in the industry for the excellent trading experience.

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