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binary options robot logoBinary options trading is not new, but many innovations make it more exciting than ever. One such innovation is auto trading, and the most respected software for this type of trading is Binary Options Robot.

This auto software offers the best brokers and most interesting features for profile customization. Binary Options Robot review will help traders find out more about this amazing product that will help them in binary options trading.

Binary Options Robot Software

Binary Options Robot is 100% automated and is completely run from the server so users don’t have to download anything and they only must have internet access. This is amazing because users don’t have to install complicated programs, or slow down their computer due to heavy software. Binary Options Robot is very user-friendly and appropriate for everyone, from beginners to experienced traders, as it places trades only according to the settings on the dashboard.

Binary options trading requires advanced analysis and market following, but Binary Options Robot does this for the trader thanks to the cutting-edge technology of mathematical algorithm that is scanning the market instead of the trader. This way, traders can enjoy profitable trades from the very beginning while experienced traders can save time that would be usually spent for analysis.

Binary Options Robot - Auto Trading Software

Binary Options Robot Features

In order to provide the best trading experience possible, Binary Options Robot developed several useful features for profile customization. Thanks to these personalization possibilities, traders can manage their money and portfolio more successfully. Binary Options Robot understand that there is no ‘one solution fits all’ approach in binary options, so it allows traders to set their account according to their preferences.

Daily Loss Limit is the perfect solution for everyone who takes money management seriously. Every user can easily set an amount they are willing to risk in 24 hours. This way, traders can avoid unpleasant surprises and know what to expect.

Traders who want to have complete control over a number of trades placed can easily use Max Daily Trades. All trader has to do is type in the number of trades in the box on the dashboard. After the BOSR has traded that number, it will stop trading. This way, traders can easily manage their money and portfolio, and follow their investments.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Best Binary Auto Trading RobotBOSR also offers VIP account that provides more customization possibilities. Unlike with some other auto trading software, VIP account with Binary Options Robot is free. Traders can become VIP thanks to their first deposit (one-month VIP), or when they make more deposits. There are also many promotions for VIP accounts, so traders should stay alerted.

VIP account has many interesting features. For example, every trader can set risk level by selecting one of four. Risk level feature allows traders to choose whether they want to place fewer trades which lowers the risk, or place more trades in less time with possible more profit.

VIP account on Binary Options Robot allows traders to select one or more strategies. The more strategies are turned on, the more trades will be placed, and more signals received.

VIP account also allows traders to select expiry time and choose whether they prefer 60 seconds trades or same day options.

Brokers and Assets

Binary Options Robot FeaturesEvery trader wants to trade with reliable and safe brokers, and Binary Options Robot allows them to do so, as it only supports the best brokers on the market.

Binary Options Robot review showed that there is a great list of superb brokers available. All brokers listed with Binary Options Robot can be considered top of the industry and they will provide amazing trading experience.

One of the most interesting features regarding brokers available on Binary Options Robot is that traders can choose more than one broker. This way, there are no limitations on how someone wants to invest the funds available.

Great selection of brokers guarantees a great selection of assets. Traders can enjoy currency pairs, commodities, and stocks. Assets can be easily turned on or off thanks to the buttons visible on the dashboard. Combining more brokers at once allows traders more signals, but also more assets and trading opportunities.

Binary Options Robot Support

Customer support is a very important aspect of trading, and Binary Options Robot takes it very seriously. It is available from Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and can be reached via email and live chat. All operators are professionals and well educated in the field of auto trading, so they will provide all support needed.

This is good to know, as traders can easily reach them, and rely on them.

Binary Options Robot website is also available in 25 languages, which makes it a great choice for non-English speakers. FAQ section answers all important questions, and can serve as first-hand guidebook or introduction for trading with Binary Options Robot.

Binary Options Robot Verdict

There are many auto trading robots on the market, but Binary Options robot surpasses all of them thanks to great trading interface and many trading possibilities.

Binary Options Robot Registration Steps

Unique features, dedicated customer support, and endless possibilities for profile customization will help all traders to optimise their trading portfolio. Binary Options Robot review clearly showed that this auto trading software is the best choice for all type of traders, as it is very user-friendly, but also precise thanks to advanced technology it uses.

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