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IQ Option offers a pretty smooth and user-friendly interface on its platform, which makes it pretty easy-to-use, regardless of how much experience a user possesses. It is all because of the overall nature of binary options that IQ Option has been able to offer its users such a simple and classic platform to trade binary options with. Once going over thoroughly, the trader will have to envisage the price movement of an asset.

In case the trader feels there could be a possible rise in the asset price in the future, he or she must go for the ‘CALL’ option. While contrary to that, if a trader thinks the price could drop, he must go for the ‘PUT’ option. Users are free to invest how much ever they wish to since the minimum investment amount is just $1. The rate of return can also be accustomed by the users according to their trading style. Therefore, even if a trader becomes unfortunate and loses, a set percentage is going to return to the trader’s account.

IQ Option Trading

No matter how easy a platform is to use, one must educate themselves about the features first. Therefore, it is recommended that a user should go to the demo account first because losing money just because you do not know enough about the platform is just something you can not afford! And also, please kindly note that you may even lose all of your money due to lack of trading experience before withdrawing your profits.

The platform displays a graph, and the traders must follow it before and at the time of trading. Trends can be foreseen this way, especially by an experienced trader, with the help of analyses. This, in turn, would lead to better prediction of price movements. In a rare case where no trends are being seen, the user should just take a break from trading that particular asset and go for something else for the time being.

An icon that is displayed in the shape of a pencil can be found in the lower left corner of the platform. With the help of that icon, users can apply a number of tools with the help of which the analysis of the state of the market can be carried out. The chart type can also be selected by the users; available options are candlesticks, bars, area or line.

Once a user selects a certain graph, the graph would give them a brief yet accurate overview of the movement of the price in a certain time period. A user can also implement time intervals in case he or she went for candles or bars. The easiest tool to use would be the basic trend lines, but there exists a certain set of rules which a user must keep in mind while analysing trends with them.

The next step would be to choose a tool from the available list of tools. The list consists of a horizontal line, trend line, line, or Fibonacci lines. Once that is done, the user will have to choose from a variety of technical indicators, which do the job of helping traders foresee the financial indexes in a manner which is risk-free as well as opportune or appropriate, given that they are basically the outcome of mathematical calculations. Indicators such as Bollinger Bands, MA, RSI, Alligator, Parabolic SAR, MACD, Awesome Oscillator and Stochastic Oscillator are some of the available indicators on the IQ Option platform.

In the above picture, traders will be able to see what the screen would appear to them like if they went for candlesticks using MA indicators.

Once all of the above steps are completed, it would be wise to not start trading right away, but to take your time to analyse the market’s state at that point of time and predicting maturely the upcoming movements in the price. You may want to keep in mind the fact that every tool and your chosen date of expiry should remain in tune because analysing in greater time frames and trading, in short, would be pointless.


Given that money management continues to dominate the field of financial trading, acting as a critical segment of it, it is recommended that the traders never invest more than 2% of their total finances. This way, over-trading can be avoided, confidence can be achieved and stress levels can be lowered at the same time. It is important for every trader to understand the fact that each trade must be placed in a well-thought manner and no actions must be made without thinking more than twice.

If a trader wishes to achieve the best trading outcomes, he or she must try to know as much as possible about the trends, price movements, trading platform, etc. and keep track of the financial news as movements are often indicated by them. A responsible trader is never going to go for only a single option or single asset but instead will place his or her trends on the basis of his or her knowledge of the market’s state at that time.

Fortunately, IQ Option does understand how critical education is when it comes to trading, and hence offers free trading webinars and educational material with the help of which users can expand their knowledge about binary options trading and achieve success. Therefore you can hardly find any complaint about IQ Option in the net. If you still think that you need more information on IQ Option, please kindly refer to our in-depth IQ Option review.

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