Is OptionWeb a Scam?

Trustworthy Binary Broker SealOptionWeb has been analyzed and surveyed by Binary Brokers Club since they first launched their operation. Is OptionWeb a scam? Our traders will tell us about this and about their negative experience. This broker offers a reliable platform and its policies seem good enough, to prevent misconducts. OptionWeb is now known around the trading industry, because of its transparency, its integrity and for having a safe environment to trade in.

In order to prove that this is a real broker, the trading platform must be regulated. OptionWeb does have a regulated platform, as it has a license from Cyprus Securities. This trading platform is constantly being tested, in order to identify threats or other problems. Broker’s funds and trader’s information, are both saved and secure at different locations. This gives traders the security they need and they can check their funds at any time. This is one of the main reasons that this broker has gained the confidence of many traders today.

OptionWeb is highly popular for binary options trading. It has a simple setup, which means that any trader can use this platform. After you register and log in, there are six different accounts to choose from at OptionWeb and these include deposit range, education tools, monthly interest and trading opportunities. There is also a daily market review available, which helps traders to understand what is going on in a certain industry.

Today, there are many different brokers that offer binary options trading, at no cost. Since these types of brokers are increasing, it has also led to more trades and investments. This is also why newbie traders are also scared of selected some brokers and why they do not trust some of them. You can also take a look at our comprehensive OptionWeb review and if it is a scam or not.

Until today, there are no known problems or complaints against the services that this broker offers. We have also noticed that they have some of the latest education tools and analysis system, as well as webinars, market signals, and market views. All of these tools will help traders to understand and to choose the right binary options investments for them.

Getting involved in trading with such platform is a good idea. Traders, who have been involved with scam brokers, believe that every broker is a scam, but there are some legit options out there. It is common for scam brokers to offer some incredible promises, such as earning more profits and more. Traders should consider this and analyze each broker before doing any trading with them. Their BBC statement, trading platform and reputation need to be checked.

OptionWeb does not make any incredible claims. It offers great tools and customer support.  It also offers online staff assistance and an online demo account. This allows new traders to select an account that fits them, so they can learn more and follow certain online signals to make the right investment.

At the moment, OptionWeb is one of the best binary brokers and solutions. It has an instinctive browser, which is fast and responsive. Newbies can get great information on the economic calendar. OptionWeb is definitely not a scam broker since they are supportive; they are legit and have a great platform to trade at.

Are There Any OptionWeb Complaints?

There is no doubt about the positive environment that OptionWeb has right now.  It has a license, they are a responsible broker team and they are also regulated. European traders can take advantage of investing in binary options, with a minimum $200 deposit. US traders are not currently accepted in this platform. Cyprus Securities only gives its licenses to brokers that have already established their platform and that they offer a secure system.

Fair Binary Options can guarantee that this platform can be used without experiencing any problems. Traders can feel safe with this broker’s services, their education tools, their online guides and free online signals. There have not been any complaints recorded at OptionWeb until now, as it is one of the most secure and reliable broker platforms to use right now. They also have a very extensive asset list.

Traders can choose from 80 different assets to invest in and some users, who have a higher level, can invest in up to 120 assets.  Professional traders, get access to a different platform, where they have more options and assets to choose from.

OptionWeb - Trading in a Simple Way

This platform also offers different trading types, expiry times and other functions. Traders can also check their investments on their computer, their smartphone or tablets since there is a mobile application available.

Every trader has the option to add their personal documents to secure their account even more.  These prevent spammers from joining and doing bad stuff. There are no records of unfair transactions, withdrawal delays or hidden charges in the complaint section at OptionWeb.  Customer support provides a great service too and they offer instant replies.

While some platforms offer online chat options and their staff does not respond, at this broker, you will not have that problem. Traders are not comfortable when they do not get a fast reply, which is why you can trust OptionWeb. At Binary Brokers Club, we do not recommend platforms that have a bad customer support. OptionWeb offers 24 hours support and this means that traders can find help at any time of the day. Their support system is also simple and easy to understand.

It is a really bad feeling when you cannot withdraw your funds from a broker. Traders have not reported any problems at OptionWeb related to cash-out time. Standard accounts can retrieve their money in 5 days. Professional account owners can retrieve their money in 1 or 2 days.

Traders can check their funds at any time and withdrawals at any time too. This is proof that this a secure broker and that traders are using their services.

OptionWeb has education training programs that are free. Every trader account will have access to different training opportunities. These will help new traders to understand market value and asset values. These videos provide good information, and there are also some analyst suggestions, economic calendars, webinars, newsletters and online signals to help traders.

Is OptionWeb Regulated?

OptionWeb - MiFID - CySecYes, OptionWeb is regulated by a license offered by CySec (Cyprus Securities) and MiFID. The FCA has also given a license to this broker, which means it is very secure. This also places OptionWeb as one of the top brokers in the trading industry. This platform is certainly a leader in the industry. Since this broker opened to the public, it has met the necessities of all types of traders, including beginners, intermediate and professional traders.

OptionWeb also follows legal statuses. This broker follows the European Union rules and regulations strictly, which means that OptionWeb is legit and reliable.  OptionWeb offers real security to its clients.  Fair Binary Options has also reviewed this broker and has established that they offer satisfactory reports. Their service processes, including trading, withdrawal, and depositing methods, are all reliable as mentioned above. Customers from other parts of the world, can also trade here and be introduced to the trading industry. There are no problems with depositing funds, withdrawing them or making trades even when outside of the European Union. 

When talking about assets, OptionWeb has more than 100 different assets to choose from in its regulated platform. These assets include things like Currencies, Commodities, Stocks and Indices. It is important to notice that having so many different assets to choose from, provides a wide variety of investment opportunities for all kinds of traders. Thanks to OptionWeb’s system, it does not matter if traders have a slow internet connection, as all transactions are made live and fast.  The binary options platform offered by this broker can be called lightweight, which means it does not take much computer resources. The application works on different web browsers, such as Safari, Chrome and Firefox. If you want to trade while you are on the go, it is best to try out the mobile app, as it has great trading advantages and features.

The app is also a licensed platform and it has SSL encryption features, to increase security. Traders will have no problem to view their wallets online and trading assets. The methods for depositing funds to traders accounts include credit cards, Moneybookers and more. Depositing funds to your account does not have any charge. It is possible to add funds and transfer them almost instantly. Withdrawing processes usually take 24 hours to 5 days, depending on the account that is being used to withdraw. Traders must follow the 20 terms that have been established. Since the FCA has approved this system ad broker, certain withdrawal confirmations must be met. 

OptionsWeb has different trading platforms depending on the level that the user has. Beginner traders have access to the Starter account. The Standard and Silver accounts are enough for the beginner and intermediate traders. The Gold and Platinum accounts are better for expert traders. At the regulated platform that OptionWeb offers, traders will have access to special graphs, live signals and market reviews, which will help them to invest wisely.and to show the current market exactly. This is certainly an advantage for all traders and it does not have any charge to the funds that are in your account.  Talking to the account manager regularly, will give you more trading ideas.  There is also a chat and phone call option, which any trader can use to get more ideas and help by experts.

OptionWeb USA

BBC is now well known for its binary options trading and for being a worldwide trading company. OptionWeb is new in the trading industry, but thanks to the licenses and regulations that have been granted to them, they are now a legit and respectful broker. OptionWeb does not welcome traders from the USA, but there are some other best binary brokers.

OptionWeb Account Types

While there are some scam brokers and services out there, certified and licensed regulations have made OptionWeb as one of the best places to trade online. This broker has very useful features and they are all divided between the different accounts, which are 6 in total. Every account has some unique features for its traders. Each person should pick the account that they will use, depending on their expertise trading level. Since there is supervision of the platform at all times, it will always stay safe and dependable. 

These are the features of the accounts:

Starter Account:

  • Fund depositing goes from $200 to $1,000
  • Returns can yield from 73% to 83%
  • Trader opportunities are more than $50
  • At least 80 different assets to invest and choose from

Standard Account:

  • Deposit go from $1,000 to $3,000
  • Payouts go from 70% to 83%
  • Offered trade opportunities for more than $100
  • More than 120 different assets to choose from
  • Binary options signals
  • Basic coaching and training
  • Demo account
  • OptionWeb USA is not supported

Silver Account:

  • Deposits go from $3,000 to $10,000
  • Returns range from 70% to 83%
  • Offer trade options are more than $300
  • There are more than 180 different assets to invest and choose from
  • Demo account
  • Level 2 training and coaching
  • Trading market analysis
  • Withdrawing takes only two days
  • No charges or fees for withdrawing
  • 5% monthly interest on funds

Gold Account:

  • Deposits go from $10,000 to $50,000
  • Returns range from 75% to 88%
  • VIP area access
  • Offered trade options are $500
  • Trading market analysis
  • 2% monthly interest rate
  • Demo account facility
  • High profits and payouts
  • Coaching and training
  • Free online signals and economic indicators
  • Assets are selected by trader

Platinum Account:

  • Deposits go from $50,000 to $150,000
  • Offered trade is more than $2,500
  • Reviews for portfolio
  • Assets can be picked by the trader and have an interest rate of 5.5%
  • Withdrawal only takes one day
  • There are no charges or fees for withdrawing
  • Demo account facility
  • Access for contacting senior analyst

OptionWeb USA does not allow American traders from accessing any of the mentioned accounts. In order to have better features and education tools, which include webinars, ebooks, market analysis, economic indicators, coaching and assistance for different trading features.  There are some opportunities for bonuses and high returns, which can go up to $4,000. The USD dollar and Euro are some of the currencies that can be traded here. Traders can also pick between different languages, like Italian, English and French. As said before there is always online assistance for helping traders.

OptionWeb Withdrawal

Like we mentioned before OptionWeb has a very simple withdrawal process. There are no complications and it is easy to use. For traders with Starter and Standard Accounts, the withdrawing process takes up to five days. The traders with Silver, Platinum and Gold accounts, can withdraw funds between 24 hours and 48 hours.

It is recommended that traders verify their accounts, by sending their personal documents, so they can have faster withdrawals processes. Some of the personal documents include ID copies, utility bills copies, and credit card copies. Providing these documents, will guarantee that the trader’s account is only being withdrawn by them. These policies are described in the OptionWeb policies and they are meant to increase security and make payment processes easy.

OptionWeb Withdrawal

The largest bonus that can be achieved at OptionWeb brokers is $4,000 and the maximum payout is 90% of what you invest. In order to get the bonuses, it is required that trader’s meet the 20 different trading terms that have been established by this broker. OptionWeb traders can also withdraw their funds via a bank transfer, which means that they will have access to their money right where they need it the most.

Overall it can be said that OptionWeb is a secure, safe and reliable place to start trading online. There are no bad reports about this broker and this means that the people who have accounts with them right now, are very satisfied with their services and support.

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