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If you are wondering how you could invest your money into the world of binary options and make profits, StockPair is the answer to all your questions. StockPair is going to help you invest your money in the right way without having to worry about anything at all.

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In order to get started, a trader will have to go through the simple process of registration and logging in. The traders are only supposed to provide some required data so the registration process can complete. However, all the data provided by the users will be verified and a confirmation email will then be sent to the user. The preferred mode of financial transactions is then chosen, either credit cards or wire transfer. The traders are also required to keep ready a government-issued photo ID proof, a personal or residential bill with their full address and name and a copy of the credit card they will be using.

When it comes to the features, a signup bonus of 25% is granted by StockPair to every user who deposits over $500. If the deposit made is over $1000, the user receives a Silver account and gets major benefits such as weekly reviews, trade control and strategy training. If a user deposits over $5000, they receive a Gold account which grants them features such as 15 cash backs, trading indicators and expert trade guidance.

The benefits are way above the line for Platinum members. Platinum accounts include all the above-mentioned features along with 2% cash back as long as the amount does not exceed $150,000. VIP members receive all the above features but instead, cash back of 3%. If you are wondering what cash back is, it is basically free money given to you every month.

Does StockPair Work?

Traders are going to face no difficulties while using StockPair, regardless of whatever feature they are using. It is very easy to complete the registration process and traders can deposit money with the help of a number of payment methods. It is pretty easy to use the trading platform as well, and all the features or tools one needs could be found on the platform. Hence, this makes the StockPair platform ideal for new users as well as experienced ones.

Traders can go through a variety of videos or informational content before signing up and register for StockPair to begin trading. This will give them a basic idea of what they can expect after registering. Moreover, traders can also download a mobile application with the help of which they can trade right on the go with no difficulties.

The amount of profit you make solely depends on the kind of assets you have gone for. For instance, if they go for the fixed rate “Pair Options”, the returns will be around 75% to 85%. However, if the users go for the floating pair options, the returns could go as high as 350%.

No hidden fees or commission is charged by StockPair at the time of purchasing options. This is extremely necessary due to the fact that a number of online brokers do impose certain hidden fees on their customers which they do not mention beforehand. Moreover, traders can expect to receive all the help they require regardless of what time of the day it is.

StockPair Affiliates

It is hard to argue with the fact that StockPair possesses one of the greatest affiliate programs in the world of binary options. The biggest reason for the affiliates to become a part of this program is that they are assured they will receive their commissions accordingly for the amount of work they invest. The traders literally do not have to worry about a thing and can expect returns.

There are a number of brokers out there who do promise a lot but cannot keep their promises, which gives the entire industry a bad impression on a whole, but StockPair is an exception. StockPair is straightforward and honest with the deals and the traders will know everything about the returns and bonuses before they invest. They will receive all the help and assistance from StockPair’s side whenever required in order to be successful.

For instance, they can feel free to speak to the customer help desk whenever they generate a valid inquiry or question regarding the affiliate program. However, you are first required to fill up a registration form and submit it so you get registered to the program. Once that process is done, you get your affiliate ID which will be used for the purpose of tracking your referrals.

If you are wondering what referrals are, they are individuals invited by you. They are called referrals once they successfully register via your reference. However, the affiliate ID you receive is going to be unique and you will not be sharing yours with anyone. You receive a bunch of marketing tools that are rather appealing. These can be used to generate interest in the minds of traders to join your program.

The marketing tools you may receive comprise of marketing techniques, banners and such, with the help of which you can attract traders to join your program. Afterwards, it is time to reap the rewards and generate revenue through traders invited by you. It may seem a little confusing at the start; however, with the StockPair help desk having your back, there is nothing you need to worry about.

StockPair On-the-Go

The mobile application provided by StockPair is one of the best features they provide. It allows you to receive and check all your notifications and updates right through your phone, regardless of the time or location.

The mobile application is pretty speedy and consists of an auto-update system with the help of which trader can expect to continually receive updates at any point in time. Every trader receives great bandwidth so as to ensure the speed of the applications remains high. This basically means it does not matter what the storage size of your phone is, you can always run the application at its best.

Safety is pretty important when you trade using your mobile devices, and StockPair understands that. The mobile application provided herewith, is more than safe, unlike the rest of the mobile applications provided by local brokers. There exists a certain application for iPhones, Androids and Blackberries; therefore, it is available to everyone regardless of what kind of phone they possess. The user, however, requires a Wi-Fi or an internet connection in order to check the updates or receive them.

Similar to the trading platform StockPair offers, the mobile application is user-friendly too and users will get used to it in no time. Moreover, if you face any issues downloading or running the app, or using it, you can always approach the support team who will be happy to guide you. This basically proves that StockPair considers every single issue, from minor to major, and makes sure its customers face no inconvenience whatsoever.

StockPair Regulated by CySec

StockPair is a company regulated by CySEC since the year 2014. The application to become authorized was submitted by StockPair in the year to CySec. StockPair is currently also waiting to receive an answer to its license application from a number of well-known financial bodies like Banque de France.

This only means that in a short period of time, they will become an authorised and regulated company and are going to get another step closer to being one of the greatest online brokers of all time. They may not have been a regulated organisation up to now but they have proved the fact that they can care about a large customer base and satisfy everyone. Not being regulated was not going to stop them from providing their customers with the high-quality service. No complaints are going to be found about StockPair anywhere on the forums or online review sites.

They have no complaints solely because they do everything in their power to make sure all their customers are satisfied. The evidence is as follows: an extremely easy to use trading platform, bonuses, helpful and friendly customer service, easy and quick deposit and withdrawal processes. Basically, with features as good as these, StockPair has really become one of the greatest online binary brokers in the world. StockPair also brags a number of unique assets which you may not usually find in the asset list of other brokers.

For instance, the traders can choose from between seventy kinds of Pairs like Stock Pairs from the United States and Europe. Contrary to this, TR Binary Options does not have an asset list that large, with only seven stock pairs available for the users to choose from. Traders who look for a wider range of Pairs to choose from are going to find the seven available Pairs a bit too less. Hence, traders, especially the experienced ones, are going to benefit more with StockPair.

StockPair Tips

The trading platform by StockPair allows the users to choose between a wide range of features and tools and improve their chances of success. The platform is web-based, which means the users are not supposed to download anything. The website is a pretty modern look to it and is easy to use; it is for sure that the users aren’t going to have any issues with it.

The FAQ section makes sure the traders receive answers to most of the basic questions asked frequently by the users. Moreover, the website can be accessed in eight different languages, which is going to help users understand everything on the site regardless of the language they speak, since the eight most widely spoken languages are covered. If it were only English, the non-English speakers may have found it very difficult to understand everything accurately.

In order to successfully trade with StockPair, it is important that the user gets well-acquainted with the trading platform first. This is why there is a wide range of informational content available all over the internet for the users to read before they get started with their careers. StockPair proves how much it cares yet again by providing the users with a completely equipped demo account and a starter bonus which is going to help you kick it off with style and no worries.

The demo account is a special feature as it lets you experience what trading with real money is like, without having to spend any actual money on it. The offering of demo account has surely given a boost to StockPair’s reputation as any trader, regardless of the experience, may want to get acquainted with the trading platform first before getting actually started and investing their money.

StockPair Trading Reviews

It is a fact that trading with StockPair is a process that cannot get any smoother. $200 is the minimum deposit required for trading accounts while to open positions, it is only $20. If a trader makes the minimum deposit, he or she will not be able to trade via money management which falls short of 10% of their capital per position.  It is hence recommended that the traders make a deposit that is a bit higher than the minimum deposit, as it is also going to grant them a bonus of a whopping 50% instead of 20%.

Traders can choose from between a total of 171 assets currently. The components of these assets would be as follows; 150 from companies like Goldman Sachs, Boeing or BMW as well. The choice of currencies is also flexible with StockPair, as the available ones are USD/CAD, GBP/USD, etc. and the indices list consists of items such as DAX and CAC while gold and gas fill up the commodity portion. Traders will also receive an excellent well-equipped demo account. This eliminates the tension for users who are new to the trading platform, as they can get well versed with it using the demo account.

The demo account offered by StockPair consists of all the available tools and features, so the users have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting started. No hidden charges exist and the demo account is free to use. Because of all of these reasons, StockPair has managed to receive no complaints and only positive reviews in various online websites and forums.

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