StockPair Minimum Deposit

Users are eligible to receive a bonus when they make their first deposit with StockPair. The minimum deposit a trader has to make is $200 and a wide range of payment methods can be chosen, such as credit card, bank wire transfer and Skrill Moneybookers. In case traders come across any issues at the time of depositing, they can freely contact the support team. The support team with its willingness to help is going to respond at the earliest and sort the issue out.

If a trader’s initial deposit is equal to the minimum deposit, they will not be able to trade using money management which falls short of 10% of their capital per position. Hence, it is suggested that the traders make a deposit slightly more than the minimum deposit at the least, as that would also allow them to receive a bonus of 50% rather than 20%. We also highly recommend you to open a StockPair demo account before you start real trading.

StockPair Minium Deposit

Money can be deposited into your StockPair account in a quick and simple way just after you log in. However, security checks and identity verification will be carried out at the time of your first deposit as StockPair is greatly concerned about the safety of the transactions and its brokers. People may find this a bit annoying but the whole process of verification is fast and simple and ensures security.

This system is surely superior to your usual easy deposit systems which may not even be secure. Traders are recommended to make deposits through accounts that are under their own name. In order to prevent delays or other minor issues, it is also recommended that the amount must be withdrawn from the same account it was deposited with.

StockPair Mobile App

The mobile application is pretty speedy and consists of an auto-update system with the help of which trader can expect to continually receive updates at any point in time. Every trader receives great bandwidth so as to ensure the speed of the applications remains high. This basically means it does not matter what the storage size of your phone is, you can always run the application at its best.

Safety is pretty important when you trade using your mobile devices, and StockPair understands that. The mobile application provided herewith, is more than safe, unlike the rest of the mobile applications provided by local brokers. There exist certain applications for iPhones, Androids and Blackberry smartphones; therefore, it is available to everyone regardless of what kind of phone they possess. The user, however, requires a Wi-Fi or an internet connection in order to check the updates or receive them.

Similar to the trading platform StockPair offers, the mobile application is also user-friendly and users will get used to it in no time. Moreover, if you face any issues downloading or running the app, or using it, you can always approach the support team who will be happy to guide you. This basically proves that StockPair considers every single issue, from minor to major, and makes sure its customers face no inconvenience whatsoever.

StockPair - Apple or Microsoft

StockPair Bonus

The services provided by StockPair are not just limited to the high-quality platform they provide. One of the best features is the bonus offered upon the traders’ first deposit. At the moment, traders are eligible to receive a bonus of 100% if the amount they deposit crosses the $500 mark. This way, traders are just going to receive double the amount they deposit, which is surely going to help them out in the long run.

Traders who may not have a huge budget could really be benefited from the bonus. Moreover, traders can simply use the bonus money first, so even if any losses are incurred, they will not lose their own money and will earn a lot of experience at the same time. Every trader depositing into StockPair is eligible to receive a bonus.

StockPair also offers its traders a stop loss/take profit as well as a no restriction promotion apart from the excellent bonuses. They also grant direct cash backs to traders every month depending on the type of account held.

At the moment, if the initial deposit is over $500, the amount must be withdrawn from the same account it was deposited with. This allows the traders to receive more money than they invest so they can trade without the fear of losing their own money.

StockPair Minimum Trade

StockPair, similar to the rest of the good or above average brokers out there, also possesses a minimum trade amount requirement which you must meet before you can start trading. It offers you a platform that is pretty easy to use and runs fast and smooth. Moreover, all those graphs on the screen give traders a legitimate idea of the ups and downs of the stock market.

To understand the movement of the indices or assets in the market is what trading is all about. If traders begin to get acquainted with the movement of the assets that they may be interested in, profits are going to be really easy to make. Moreover, traders do need to understand the risks that are involved beforehand. Risks may not always take you down, but carelessness might lead to it. Hence, StockPair is always going to be there for you, providing an excellent customer support team who are going to help you in every way with your journey.

Traders are going to find the overall design and structure of the platform easy to use and understand. The demonstration of Pairs is done as an asset against another asset. The screen displays the price of both assets on the same chart with two separate lines for the traders. Hence, traders will find it much easier to understand all they need to know about their trade as it takes place.

StockPair Signals

When it’s about binary options trading, there exists a rather strong need for precise and trustworthy signals. Therefore, StockPair has taken up the challenge to assist its customers with precise signals. Signals regarding binary options could help traders to improve their market-related decision-making skills, as well as predicting skills, allowing them to improve their chances of making profits. Therefore, StockPair tries to make sure it educates all its traders about the working mechanism of binary options signals.

With the help of signals, traders can also try and figure out the upcoming trends. For instance, in case the trend signals show that the recent performances of a certain asset have been taking place in a consistent manner at a particular price, the traders will be able to figure out a suitable expiry time for their investment and adjust their investment on the basis of the received signal.

Financial experts review the binary options signals of StockPair multiple times before they are sent to the traders. Every single you receive might generate a slight interest of making moves in you, so it is very up to the binary options to examine these signals which might lead to rewarding occasions carefully. Either way, they can surely lower the amount of risk involved and improve the chances of traders making a profit throughout their binary options trading schedule.

StockPair Strategy

The primary strategy of StockPair is to make sure it successfully provides its customers with high-quality services and features. StockPair is already known to provide a number of assets which the traders can choose from, paying special attention to the stock markets. Currencies, Stocks, Indices or Commodities, the traders will find everything at StockPair.

Traders can hence make the best out of their knowledge and use the excellent services of StockPair to invest in their favorite options or stocks.

There exist a number of strategies or assets which StockPair could make use of. In case traders face issues with a certain trade, they could directly speak to the customer service department and the executives will definitely help out as soon as possible. It may be a bit difficult to understand all of these strategies in the start, however, this is pretty natural and something everybody faces, and that’s exactly why a demo account is provided by StockPair so that you can get used to the platform and the overall system. A lot of critical aspects such as expiry times, trading with real money, etc. can be understood with the help of trading on a demo account.

StockPair - Apple or Microsoft

StockPair Trading Options

StockPair, as we know, offers a pretty user-friendly and efficient platform. Traders can choose from a wide range of stock pairs or binary options which are all going to be available in a menu. Once an option or a pair is selected, an amount ranging from $20 to $6,000 can be invested. Traders using StockPair could go for the six stock exchanges that are found in Australia, Europe and America.

Currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD etc. can also be chosen. While traders wait for the expiration time to end, they could keep track of all the changes that might be occurring or could go for other activities meanwhile. Two pair options are provided by StockPair, which is as follows:

  • Fixed pair options: This option is all about a trader betting on a single asset’s performance compared to another asset. The performance shown by a stock at the time it was bought until the time it expires is considered to figure out the overall performance. In case the selection is right, a payout worth 82% is given to the trader. The greatest benefit one might experience in this option is that the trader will not have to care about general moves occurring inside the market.
  • Floating pair options: A time frame is defined, and under this time frame, the performance of the said stock is taken into consideration. This time, the frame could range from between a day and a month, including a week. Once the option reaches its date of expiry, the payout in percentage will be received by the trader.

StockPair understands the fact that every trader may have a trading style of their own. Hence, it allows traders to choose from between four different account types. There is a certain minimum deposit requirement for each account type. Yet another excellent feature by StockPair is that once the balance in the account reaches the minimum required amount for a certain account, the account will be automatically upgraded accordingly.

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