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Whether you are a newbie trader or an advanced one, you should know the risks of losing all of the invested money in Binary Options market. Therefore, we can not be held responsible for any type of loss occurred due to your trading sessions with any of the recommended brokers on our site.

It is also your main responsibility to check each and every broker on this site whether it is licensed/regulated. Before signing up with any broker listed on, you should make a thorough research and consider the facts you observe yourself. Another important point is that you have to invest the money which you will never need at the short term period.

In any case, you may contact us via our “Contact” section for requesting any information regarding the brokers and markets.

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Paul Graber

I was born in Manchester in 1967. I am an Economist with a Ph.D. degree. I have been working in the financial trading industry as a professional since 2003. I am a fan of Manchester United team. I am married and have a little princess.

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